Ffxv Gentleman`s Agreement Bird

FFXV Gentleman`s Agreement Bird: Where to Find It and How to Catch It

Final Fantasy XV, also known as FFXV, is a popular role-playing game that has captivated gamers worldwide. One of the many exciting features of FFXV is the availability of rare items and creatures that can be found while exploring the vast world of Eos. One such rare creature is the Gentleman`s Agreement Bird, which has become a popular topic among FFXV players.

The Gentleman`s Agreement Bird is a legendary creature that can be found in FFXV. It is a rare bird that is known for its unique appearance and elusive nature. It is an excellent creature to catch for those trying to achieve a 100% completion in the game.

Where to Find the Gentleman`s Agreement Bird

The Gentleman`s Agreement Bird can be found in the Leide region of Eos. Specifically, it can be found near the Taelpar Rest Area. To find the bird, players should look for a small location marker on the map that is labeled “Coernix Station – Alstor.”

Players should park their car near the marker and look for the bird on the nearby hills. The bird is easy to spot, with its distinctive red and white feathers and long neck. However, catching it is not as easy.

How to Catch the Gentleman`s Agreement Bird

Catching the Gentleman`s Agreement Bird is not an easy task, as it is a highly elusive creature that can fly away at the first hint of danger. Here are some tips to help you catch the Gentleman`s Agreement Bird:

1. Use a Bow and Arrow

The bird is a fast-moving creature, and it is difficult to catch it with a sword or other melee weapon. Using a bow and arrow will increase your chances of hitting the bird and taking it down.

2. Use a Warp Strike

Using a Warp Strike can also be effective in catching the bird. Players can warp strike to get closer to the bird and then use a bow to take it down.

3. Use Food to Attract the Bird

Players can also use food to attract the bird. Using the “Blazing Braised Gizzard” food, which can be purchased at the nearby Taelpar Rest Area, can help lure the bird to a specific location, making it easier to catch it.

Final Thoughts

The Gentleman`s Agreement Bird is a rare and elusive creature that requires some skill and patience to catch. Players who successfully capture the bird will be rewarded with a rare item and a sense of accomplishment. We hope that this guide has helped you on your quest to catch the Gentleman`s Agreement Bird in FFXV. Happy hunting!