Other Ways to Say Come to an Agreement

When it comes to expressing the idea of reaching a mutual accord or agreement, there are numerous ways to say it without repeating the same phrase over and over again. Using different synonyms not only adds variety to your writing, but also helps to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by utilizing different keywords. Below are some alternative ways to say “come to an agreement”:

1. Reach a consensus

When a group of people come together and agree on a particular issue, they are said to have reached a consensus. This phrase works well in situations where two or more parties have differing opinions on a matter and need to find a middle ground.

2. Strike a deal

When two parties are involved in a transaction or negotiation, they may “strike a deal” to come to an agreement. This phrase implies that there was some bargaining involved and that both parties have made concessions to reach the agreement.

3. Find common ground

If two parties have differing views on a particular issue, they may try to find “common ground” – an area of agreement or similarity on which to build a compromise. This phrase can be used in a range of contexts, from business negotiations to personal relationships.

4. Agree to terms

When parties in a negotiation reach an agreement, they are said to have “agreed to terms.” This phrase can be used in formal contexts, such as when signing a contract or finalizing a business deal.

5. Come to a resolution

In situations where there is a conflict or disagreement to be resolved, parties may need to “come to a resolution” – that is, find a solution or agreement that satisfies all parties involved. This phrase can be used in legal or personal contexts.

6. Concur

When two or more parties reach an agreement, they are said to “concur” – or to have the same view or opinion on a matter. This word has a more formal tone than some of the other phrases on this list and can be used in formal writing, such as academic papers or legal documents.

7. Merge viewpoints

In situations where parties have differing viewpoints, they may need to merge those viewpoints in order to find a solution or agreement. This phrase implies that both parties are willing to compromise and work together to reach a common goal.

In conclusion, there are many ways to say “come to an agreement” that can help you avoid repetition and improve your writing’s SEO. By utilizing different synonyms, you will keep your writing fresh and interesting while also improving your chances of showing up in search results for a variety of keywords.